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eWorldHosting.com  is privately owned, and a debt-free web hosting company. We help small and mid-sized businesses establish a presence on the Internet with affordable web hosting solutions. We have revolutionized the web hosting industry by offering web hosting packages that remains unbeatable today! We have chosen to focus on the UNIX-based hosting market. By focusing on just one operating system and offering three packages, our company has been able to leverage an extensive amount of knowledge and talent to provide a scalable, stable and efficient platform at affordable prices. Currently, the servers are hosting thousands of websites for customers in over 60 countries.

We are different:
Selecting a web hosting company can be frustrating, time-consuming, and definitely confusing, we understood the problems and saw that there is a need for a new and different kind of web hosting solution. To combat the problem, we came up with a web hosting solution that is simple, easy, and yet affordable for Internet users.

The benefits: By offering only two packages, we simplify our management, reduce overhead costs, and relay the savings to you. We have installed all the necessary software on all our servers which are available to all of our customers. Our packages are tailored with all the tools necessary for you to establish an online presence. We do not charge you extra for any of these services and features. All of our customers benefit because they have all the resources available in order to maintain and grow their site without any restrictions. Because of this, we are able to blow our competitors out of the water. Most web hosting companies offer numerous packages which make choosing a web hosting company and package confusing.

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