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All host servers are colocated within a private suite in the DN NOC (Access Corporation) Data Center. DN maintains one of the largest and most fault tolerant networks in the region. We boast of a high-class tier-1 facility with Internet backbones in Clifton, New Jersey, housing the high performance servers with uptime, exceeding 99.9%.

The network uses dark fiber ring connections to run enterprise routing and switching engines between two redundant POPs at 111th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinox). DedicatedNOW's network supports various brands of hardware and software such as Linux servers (Fedora core, Centos, FreeBSD), Cisco router, switches, Windows servers, Voice over IP gateways, and much more.

There is a camera on a track inside the smoked housing. It is controlled by security and can run from end to end and looks to both sides. It is one of over 2 dozen cameras located throughout the facility that are continually monitored by security. It is the guards responsibility to know at all times who is in the building and where they are. Between the cameras, access control, and the security team, this NOC is fully secured.

The above is just one of the many views of our private co-location suite within the DN data center. Monitored tours of the data center can also be scheduled on week days during business hours.